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Selecting a website platform is one of the many important decisions any start-up business or small business owner needs to make to successfully grow the business or brand.


There are lots of options to select from, but in recent years the most selected platform in nearly all cases is WordPress. It is recommend that start-up business use WordPress as website platform for building basic small start-up business websites. WordPress has a user friendly interface and knowing how to employ a word processor you can include and edit the information on your online site. That includes adding images, graphics, video and more. WordPress makes it an easy task to optimize start up business website for SEO and search engines love the structure and organization.


WordPress has many methods and plugins you should use to boost your SEO rank. WordPress provide thousands of themes and plugins that can be used to boost the design and functionality of start-up business website. WordPress has plug and play functionality for the social networking sites and you can find thousands of plugins to give its ability to boost and improve social networking. WordPress websites on the web have security at the top priority and is continually being updated and maintained. WordPress is supported by a huge online community. WordPress is free; you only pay for your domain name and monthly hosting.


When you are in the development industry you often get the question from friends and family to what would be the easiest way to setup a website for a new non-profit or start-up business. I nearly always direct people to WordPress because it is in almost all cases the better match. Although you get other free platforms they are often very restrictive and a nightmare to customize later.


One of the greatest things about WordPress is that it allows you to publish content. WordPress has a simple user interface. Whether it’s posting new content as previously mentioned above, or handling several other aspect of your site, WordPress has continued to boost on its interface and the current layout is pretty user friendly. WordPress is also a trusted platform. It has a large community of developers, designers, and users. If you can find only a number of users it’s going to be difficult to have support whenever you get stuck. Additionally it is going to be difficult to find people that know how to work with that technology. The technology WordPress uses is pretty standard and is located of all web hosts. Installing it on a hosting server is very straight forward.


One sometimes fail to realize how advantageous WordPress plugins can really be. It can grow you site from a basic website to a magnificent forceful site by just adding a few sometimes even free plugins. Scheduling, eCommerce, invoicing, CRM, almost anything you can think about can be added to your WordPress site making it powerful and professional. It is therefore no wonder that I would almost always choose WordPress as the platform for a small or start up or even larger business.  If you want to attend our 25 of June Workshop to create your own WordPress site, then this is your change

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