Why is a well-designed Logo Important for Business? – Logo design post 1


”A picture is worth a thousand words.” This is a famous line that simply proves how visually oriented we all are. One picture could explain almost half of the story. It could also portray ideas in an efficient manner. With this, logos is considered as one of the most important aspect in any business. Want to know more?


Let’s try this. Within 30 seconds, how many companies do you think you could recall for each question below?

  1. Companies that you are very familiar with as well as their logos
  2. Companies you know but you can’t remember their logo
  3. Logos that you could think of but you can’t tell what company it belongs to.


You might have a hard time answering the last two questions but the first one might have been quite easy. It is because we can easily remember a company name if we associate it with its logo. Could you deduce how crucial it is to have a good logo for your business?


A Logo is the visual representation of what your business stands for. Odd logos could somehow leave an odd interpretation to one’s business. If a potential customer came across two companies that offers the same products, let’s say a detergent soap – one has a beautiful logo and one just has its company’s name on it – which company do you think would be more captivating?


Creating a logo could be done by a graphic designer, a VA or someone on Fiverr. It doesn’t need to cost you a lot just to have an attractive one or it doesn’t need to cost you at all. Here are some facts about some famous logos

  1. Twitter bought its logo from iStockphoto for $15. Simon Oxley, the artist, is said to received $6 for his work
  2. Nike’s logo was done by a graphic design student, Carolyn Davidson, which only cost $35
  3. Microsoft’s Logo cost $0 because the company used its own in-house design team
  4. Coca-Cola‘s logo also cost $0 because it was created by its founder partner and bookkeeper, Frank Robinson

Despite the fact that some companies’ logos only cost $0 to $35, there are still some famous companies who prefers to pay a lot of money for their logos.

  1. NeXT logo cost $100,000. Paul Rand is the person behind this design
  2. London 2012 Olympics logo cost $625,000. Wolff Olins designed this controversial logo
  3. Pepsi’s redesigned logo cost $1 million.
  4. It cost $100 million for the Accenture logo


Among the brands noted above, which logos could you not identify? Famous companies goes along with its famous logos. A logo is a company’s overall brand identity. I’m pretty sure you’ll agree with this.


If you’re thinking about taking it easy on your logo, you might need to think it all over again. Your logo is more important than you think it is. Don’t underestimate what your logo can do for you.

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