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As we have confirmed many times before, if you have a business you should have a website. Your website speaks volumes about your business.

It is important to understand the most important qualities to effectively compete and win over your competitors. It’s not enough to just create a website for the namesake. Every detail, fact and figure you put down on your site should be verified and authentic to entice visitors and encourage them to start a business deal with you.

We all have varied opinions in terms of establishing the qualities of a good website. As much as such differences exist, there are some basic standards that the experts commonly agree upon.

Qualities of a Great Website:

Informative, Fresh Content

The more interesting your website, the more visitors you will get. If Google decide you are delivering valuable content, you will be placed higher in the search rankings. For that reason, be sure the content you upload is original, of high quality and informative.

Visually easy to read

The key focus of a website is to share information so it is not ideal to make the background of your writing dark and actual writing light. Your visitors want to read the information they’re looking for, so better keep your text black on a white background for the easiest readability.

Navigation System

Make sure that users visiting the website will be able to easily locate the content they’re looking for. Confirm that the navigation makes sense. It’s best not to have a huge selection on the main page. Also make main categories and then drill down to deeper pages (if you need to).

Comfort Viewing

The website should be in such a way where the website works well and looks flawless in all screen resolutions. Pixilated images, irregular sized images and horizontal scroll could frustrate a user. Make sure that your design is responsive.

Clear Purpose

Let the people recognize what your website is all about when they hit the main page, Is the purpose clear? Do not make them search for the information or they might end up going somewhere else.

 Download compatibility

Excessive use video, audio or flash slows down a website and this discourages the user from visiting your website again. Consider the perfect balance in the design.

Browser Compatibility

After the development is done, investigate what it will look like on different browsers. Not all browsers support all designs. So make sure, you test your website in browsers to see if everything works flawlessly.

Contact Details and Forms

Make things easy and satisfying for the visitors. People will most likely check out your website again or get connected. So make sure your contact details are comprehensive and easily understandable. Have a contact form where visitors can post queries or feedback.

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