How we improved a photography Studio’s SEO by redesigning their website.


Case Study: Kaimara Studio

Kaimara Studio is a multimedia production company, specialising in photography and videography. Their main focus is on Corporate Videography and Photography, but they also do Wedding Photography and Videography. They are leaders in their field in South Africa and have won multiple awards for the quality if their work.

Why did we start this project?  

The previous Kaimara website was built using Squarespace and although it got the job done, when it came to converting they were frustrated with their visibility on Google specifically but on all Search Engines in general. It was also time for a new look, which meant a website redesign, as the next logical step, anyway. This would also mean using a new design platform like WordPress instead of Squarespace and rewriting some of the content to make sure that the website is optimised for higher visibility on all Search engine platforms.

Pieter Uys from Kaimara wanted a custom designed site unlike any other, so we designed it from the ground up and then built the layout in WordPress. We discussed his goals for the new site including his need for increased online visibility and ranking. They already had a well-known brand in place but needed to refresh their website and increase the amount of traffic coming to their site.

The Process

We worked together with Kaimara over a few weeks to fully revise and redesign the Kaimara website. I took them through the whole process, and Pieter was really impressed with how well we organised set timelines throughout the project process.

What results did we get?
Kaimara was very excited about their new site. It’s modern and bold while still speaking to their Corporate as well as Wedding clients. They have seen a dramatic increase in leads coming from Google, with their rank improving up to page 1 on Google, for all of their main keywords, and have some pages taking the first position on the 1st Page of Google. Because of these changes, they received an impressive contract via their website within a few months of us relaunching their website. They are obviously very happy with the results.

How did we achieve this for them?

  1. Firstly moving the site from Squarespace to WordPress made a big difference.
    • Platforms are very important, that’s why we always recommend WordPress for dynamic sites where content needs to rank well in Google.
  2. We did an intensive keyword research process, and their content was re-written by our copywriter to focus on the different keywords.
    • Having well-written content optimised with the correct use of keywords makes a huge difference from a user experience as well as for search engines.
  3. Because the site uses a lot of graphics, which is typical of photography studio sites, we made sure that all photos were optimised for Search Engines.
    • Kaimara saw an immediate increase in their rankings within a few days of going live, but we’ve also made sure that they keep ranking for different keywords by providing a monthly SEO service.
  4. Continued building.
    • It doesn’t take a lot to keep their rankings highly optimised. Monthly blog posts or continual expansion of existing content is all it takes now that the new website in place.

It’s a pleasure to have Kaimara Studio as one of our long-standing clients. We celebrate their excellent results with them.

Anchen le Roux

Owner and Lead Developer at Simply Digital Design. Lover of WordPress & the WP-Community. Passionate about simple, green and nomadic living. WCJHB Organiser and Founder of the Great WordPress Virtual Summit

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