Everything You Need to Know About Our Summit Simplified Service

Summit Simplified Service

We’ve recently launched our VIP Summit Simplified Service. You can have a look at this blog post if you want to learn more

Since then, we’ve had a number of questions about it. That’s why we decided to write this post so you know exactly what you get when you book the experience. 

So, if you dream of becoming an accomplished virtual summit host, and you think that our Summit Simplified Service might just be the right fit for you, then keep reading.

We’ll be answering all of the following questions:

  1. What’s included?
  2. How much does it cost?
  3. Who is it perfect for?
  4. How long does it last?
  5. How many people can book?
  6. What can you expect from the experience?
  7. How can you book?

1. What’s included?

This amazing experience consists of 5 phases:

Phase 1

A 2-hour summit planning incentive where you, alongside our team of experts, will plan your entire summit from start to finish! This includes all your summit goals, as well as a detailed roadmap that’ll guide the entire summit creation process. 

Phase 2

Your 1st VIP day will be spent setting up everything that you need to invite your speakers, and we’ll also build your Summit Website. Depending on what you need, you can request a variety of different campaigns and pages to be set up for you. 

Phase 3

Your 2nd VIP day will be spent setting up everything that you need for registration. This includes your Registration page, your All-Access Pass page, Email Integrations, Product Payments, and so much more.  

Phase 4

Your 3rd VIP day will be spent setting up everything that you need for your upsell to ensure that you walk away from your summit with profit! This includes your All-Access Pass’ different price levels, Buying Process, Deadline Funnels for price increases, and more.

Phase 5

Your 4th VIP day will be spent setting up everything that you need for your summit week to ensure a smooth and seamless experience. This includes the creation of your Presentation Pages, Chatroll Chat Boxes for speakers, Deadline Funnels for presentation pages, and more. 

In addition to all of the phases, you’ll also get numerous bonuses that’ll help you achieve maximum summit success without ever feeling overwhelmed or overworked!

2. How much does it cost?

The full VIP Summit Simplified Experience costs $3997, however, you always have the option of booking your Kickstart Your Summit Planning intensive for $397 and paying as you go.

3. Who is it perfect for?

The Summit Simplified Framework is perfect for Aspiring Summit Hosts who want to host their very first summit, as well as Seasoned Summit Hosts who want a seamless process by making use of an “All-in-one Platform”.

This service is an ideal fit for you if: 

  • You’re afraid of the complex tech that’s involved in creating a summit. 
  • Your previous summit design needs to be improved to enhance both your speaker’s and attendees’ experience. 
  • You’re willing to invest the time to implement necessary tasks that’ll maximize your results.  
  • You’re ready to have a team of experts in your corner to help you plan and host the ultimate summit.

4. How long does it last?

The full experience is a 2-hour intensive followed by 4 separate VIP days. Each VIP day consists of 7 hours of dedicated time on your business by our team!

5. How many people can book?

Since we’re dedicated to providing our full attention to each and every one of our clients during their VIP days, we’re able to take on two clients per month.

6. What to expect from the experience?

After your 2-hour planning incentive and four VIP days, your summit planning will be complete. You’ll walk away with a planned-out summit, an amazing website, and high-quality processes. 

Not only will the Summit Simplified Framework save you loads of time and effort, but it’ll also help increase your profits, grow your business, and ultimately gain the visibility and authority that you so greatly deserve.

7. How to book?

If you want to host an engaging and profitable summit in the next few months then click the link below and secure your spot. 

Book Your Kickstart Your Summit planning incentive!

We only have a few spaces available each month to take on new summit clients, so if you don’t want to miss out, book today!

What’s Next

Becoming a successful virtual summit host is easy when you have the right team in your corner!

Get started right away by booking Your Kickstart Your Summit Planning Intensive

Or if you’d like to learn more about our Summit Simplified Service, book a free call to see how we can help you host your summit

We can’t wait to chat to you!

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