Designing a Logo: Essential Things to Keep in Mind

Designing a logo can be a challenging thing to do if you are a beginner designer or just wanting to do it for your own startup. Surely, you will be looking for an attractive logo for your company because we all know that it is one of the most essential parts of a website or branding to attract customers.

To guide you with your logo designing journey, we have prepared you a list of things that you should keep in mind before you create the logo for your company, business, or website. And here they are:

  • Consider the name

If you haven’t finalized a name to put on your logo yet, you must consider testing everything that comes up to your mind first. Names might work in theory but can be too long for logos.


  • Avoid basing your logo on what’s trending

When you base your design on what’s trending today, there’s a possibility that it might lose the spot on the trends and might also end up ruining your logo’s reputation. We all know that trends all come and go. You might not want to be updated in the next few years, right? Think of a design that might last long. The one that is classical yet modernized that will perfectly express the purpose of your company or business.


  • Start designing your logo from black and white

Next is, it is recommended that you design or create the logo of your website or company on a black and white first. Because when it comes to printing, some requires a black and white version of the design.


  • Make your design flexible

The logo that you are designing should fit different sizes, and background colors. And that’s one of the most essential parts of designing a logo, being flexible.


  • Know the type of your logo

There are two types of logo, logotype and logomark.

Logo marks are the ones that will express the purpose of your business through symbols.

Logo types, on the other hand are logos that are made up


Following the guidelines above will surely push you through the appropriate directions in designing your logo for your company or business.


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