Join us for this 2 day in person workshop! Besides getting all the information you need for your content marketing strategy, you'll also, get the help you need getting it all done

Pay only R1750

Contact us on hell[email protected] for alternative payment arrangements


March, 2018


Brooks Street

Small Group

Awesome people


Here's What You'll Learn

Planning Your Content

How to set goals for your content, identifying who you're talking to and what they would like to hear,  creating your editorial calendar around your launches and products and creating a marketing strategy that work for your business and clients.

Creating Content

Learn how to create content fast and making it more fun. Use Templates and frameworks to make things easier. What types of content should you producte for both blog posts and social media. How to reuse content and create branded graphics and social media posts. 

Automating Content

Learn how can you produce in bulk and automate your posting.  How to schedule blog post and post to channels automatically. The best ways and tools to do this.  Learn how to monitor and follow up. 

BONUS Content and SEO

Learn all you should know regarding SEO and your content.  How SEO can be a use bonus for producing content if you do it right. Tips and tricks to help you rank quickly if you producing content regularly. 

BONUS: Content Marketing Funnels

What a Marketing Funnel is and how this can make a huge difference converting readers into leads and clients. How to set one up and the best tools and platforms to use. 

BONUS Virtual Co-Working Day

We'll decide together on a day to book as a  Virtual Co-working day.  We'll meet virtually and set our intentions for the day. You'll be able to ask all your questions you might still have and we'll get a ton of work done together. 

This is an awesome opportunity to learn how to finally perfect your marketing strategy and create the time to get it donel

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