5 Different Social Media Categories for Social Media Marketing


When it comes to content or social media marketing. It can sometimes be difficult to decide what to post on your social media platforms. You want to add value for your readers, but you also want to use it as a marketing channel and promote some of your own content or products.

In the following article I will explain how using the 5 distinct categories will not only help you decide on the topics you can create posts on,  but also give you a more balanced platform with a variety of content.

For most business spreading your content equally between the 5 categories will be the best strategy to follow and keep your platform interesting, entertaining with the right balance of promotional content.

If one of the categories doesn’t feel right for your industry, you can use it less and add to one of the other, but always remember that your “Promotional” posts should never be more than 20% of the content.

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This category is all posts that are informative in nature. You can share tips, tricks, how-to videos, resources, lists and any other content that teaches your ideal client something in your niche.

This is mainly posts that you created but can also be something someone else created that might be interesting for your audience. Keep in mind that this should ideally solve the problems your ideal client might have.

I normally tend to classify posts from other people under the entertainment category, but this is totally up to you and can you can share post that you did not create.

I mainly serve creative entrepreneurs like photographers and designers, so a good example for my industry would be to create and share recent blog posts on how to best market your new photography business.


Inspirational posts can be quote posts or quote images or posts about a story or video that will motivate your audience. You can share something about yourself or other people.

These thoughtful posts can increase interest and discussion. You can write an inspirational story about your opinions on an event, your employees’ or clients’ accomplishments or your company’s philosophy.

Here beautifully created quote cards that looks great and have an inspirational message will be perfect for my industry.


Entertainment posts are normally posts that have nothing to do with your business. It can be anything that your ideal client will find entertaining and useful. These can include jokes or timely and comical photos. Anything that is funny or clever can be entertaining to your audience.

Just keep in mind that humor can be quite tricky and does not work for all types of businesses. It is for this reason that I include educational content from other people that might be entertaining for my audience as well.

As an example again I will share either something funny in the photography niche – like an insider joke – or anything relevant that I didn’t create myself.


Here you can have any type of post that increases engagement, gets everyone involved and creates conversation. You can ask questions (short answers), answer questions, have office hours, contests or challenges.

You can also give them a peek behind your business or life by posting photos of your new office, project planning or other tools, photo shoots, book covers and testimonials.

Other interesting options are “caption the image”, “fill in the blank” or “either or question” posts to help get people talking.

My example would be posting behind the scenes posts of how I did a Content Marketing Strategy with another photography  company or a case study of a new beautiful website that we created.


The final category includes all promotional posts. All advertisements for products, programs and services. Posts can promote your freebies or other free products; webinars, events, other social media platforms and websites.

Promoting joint venture partners or affiliates also falls under this category.

Promotional posts should be last on your list of priorities as people need to engage with you and know you before they will buy from you. You can take the information above and make it your own. Switch things around, event your own categories for your niche.

The main thing is to remember to keep a balance between the different type of post and never be too heavy handed with the promotions.

If you find the above article interesting, you might be interested in the Content Strategy Checklist, you will find it by clicking the button below.

Anchen le Roux

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